Custom neon vibes at the night time show X-5 in Nagoya Japan.

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

Car Shows are one of the most exciting things we look forward to, when on our journey to find the world’s most unique and inspiring rides. So when we got word of the X-5 Custom Car Show in Nagoya whilst on our Japan tour, we decided to check it out.

This car show starts on a Saturday night and also on a whole day Sunday. The Saturday night is more of a Hot Import Nights style car show, meaning that it has the look and feel of a night club. Lights dimmed down and car owners, displaying their projects with lights and crazy decorations.

The show felt like stepping back in time to the year 2000! With car styling from back when the first Fast & Furious was out in the Theaters, to when DUB Magazine was all about rolling on DUBS!

The show not only had a mix of cars, SUV’s, Off road and custom hot rods, but also a selection of incredible custom motorcycles.

It totally blew us away that there was still styling of this kind on the scene and had no idea till now, that the Japanese embraced it! All in all, it’s cool to see that some are not afraid to stand out, especially in Japan.