Want a taste of California whilst visiting Tokyo? Then head over to the Mooneyes Cafe and order a burger, fries and a shake. Oh, and don’t forget to checkout their awesome store to!

Mooneyes Japan was one of the meeting points that we hooked up with other cruisers, on our way to Yokohama Bay. We pulled up at the rear of the cafe and these two awesome rides we parked outside. Both are used as work vans to distribute car parts to various garages.

This garage looked more like a display more than being in use. Apart from all the parts and Mooneyes goodies all over the place, this Toyota Crown is one rare car to see!

This is the walk through from the rear into the main shop. Mooneyes has two entrances, as the one at the front is access to their cafe, where you can buy a burger, fries and shake.

When walking around the shop, there is so much to see! At times you actually forget that you are in a shop. It’s like walking into a museum, with the exception that you can actually buy most of the stuff.

Visit Mooneyes at www.mooneyes.co.jp