Von Skip…One cool guy who lives and breathes car culture, shows us his latest project 1941 International Harvester pickup truck.

Words by Tony Matthews & Von Fink

Photography by Ron Veth Photography

One thing we find when we travel to different countries to bring out the best projects and stories from their owners, is that all of us live and breath car culture. Go to any country where the language is different and you won’t find to many things different to the culture in your country. Yes, there maybe some cultural differences, but when it comes to autos, we have the same blood running through our veins.


When we were last in Holland, we came across this superb 1941 International Harvester pickup truck by Von Skip which took our eye and so we had our good friend and awesome automotive photographer, Ron Veth to visit Von and capture his story.

When did you come into contact with custom cars?

That’s hard to say. From my childhood I have been involved with the cultivation of mopeds, I built them in the style of a cafe racer. I used other parts of from different vehicles that to create a look totally different than the original.

When I was 19 years old, I bought my first american car,but after some time I felt the need to customise them in my style. Along with my good friend Hans, we started to customise many cars/

Which kind of cars did you have?

Hmm… too many to mention. It is a kind of an addiction. However, I have owned 1941 Plymouth Led Sled, 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod and my 1937 Ford Rat Rod Pick Up.

Are there more people with modified cars? Your friends

Yes usually find my friends drive old cars anyway, can not let you change them. Because some of

Why did you choose your current project?

When I had my 1937 Ford several years and I put all my ideas had already stopped, I got this done by hand. Here I soon regret … When it came to pick up my path, it applied a little bit in that style, and I could lose my ideas again.

What inspired you in order to build the pickup?

That’s hard to say, because I’m working for years and have seen many.

I’ve collected over the years a lot of information and images, in recent years, I share it on my blog: www.VonSkip.com

I usually have something in my head, but sometimes it just occurs when I’m working on it, I see something lying somewhere, for example in the circuit or something and then … hmm think I would ever use.

Are there special procedures for cases during the construction of your car?

It is usually finding the right parts to ensure that it all still works. However, I see that as a challenge to create something amazing.

Which modifications have been made to the exterior? 

The body is channeled, that is to say that the floor is removed and it is higher, as to be able to get the vehicle lower. This was done in America, I do not know by whom. Furthermore, the floor of the body was raised.

Which modifications have been made to the interior? 

The interior is fairly minimal … that belongs in this style. No luxury 😉 There is a modern two-seater bench from a van, brand is not known to me. I also have a Chevy tilt steering column placed, and the gear changed and renewed.

Which modifications have been made to the engine? 

I opted for a Chevy V6 Vortec engine from a Chevrolet C10, this fit best in conjunction with the weight of the pickup.

Which modifications have been made to the chassis? 

The base is also from an S10, in fact, the body of the International built on an S10, this way you get a car that looks like a car from 1941, but drives like a modern car, as safe given the traffic today. This gave me power brakes, disc brakes, etc…

Do you go to car meets?

I used to on a weekly basis. However, I haven’t in the last few years, as I do not think most meetings here are really special. Nice to meet friends and new people, but the cars are often much the same, and some after not really special or more challenging. That’s why I prefer to go to Germany, England and America, you will see more special cars here. Because the scene there is greater, but also because of the stringent requirements here and in Belgium.

What is the purpose of what you have / had in mind the construction of your car?

A “one of a kind” old school looking “Rat Rod” that is also safe and good ride.

I very much love the Patina (old weathered paint with rust) it gives much more charm than a newly painted car.

Are there things you want to change in the future?

Currently I have no side windows, I’m still working on it. He is also well done. Also, I’m already working on another project, so more news on this as it gets built.

Tech Spec

Engine: 4.3 CUI, Vortec V6 (200 hp), 5 speed Manual Transmission

Exhaust: Dual stainless steel exhaust headers anticipation for one with flow master muffler.

Interior: Basic, Bicycle Horn, Bench Seat, Tiki Shifter, VonSkip Style details 😉

Exterior: 1941 International Front, Body & Bed.

Chassis: 1991 S10, Channeled, Dropped Spindles up front, lowering blocks at rear. Power Steering & Brakes, Wide White wall tires.