Unplugged performance’s Tesla Model S will have you switching to electric very soon.

Photos by Tony & Carmen Matthews

Words by Tony Matthews

We know that a lot of you reading this story, will have your heart set on old school and are not in favour of having a car that has no engine sound. But hear me out for a moment. Why did we decide to cover a Tesla Model S, when clearly SuperFly Magazine is all about the custom retro classics? Well first off, this isn’t a Tesla Model S fresh from the factory, it has been customised to give it some subtle styling edge above its standard offering and it was designed by a company very well known on the LA scene, when it comes to customising high end Japanese Motors…Bulletproof Automotive.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S: We visit their headquarters in LA

Ben Schaffer who is the President Bulletproof Automotive and Unplugged Performance had a vision to bring what AMG does to Mercedes for the Tesla brand, so to provide a tuner solution for the Tesla owners, where they can trust the quality and service Ben’s team provide. This vision is also to show other car enthusiasts that electric cars can be SuperFly and that embracing them now is a good thing, as the future is coming.

unplugged performance tesla model s

Now when we arrived on the day of this shoot at Ben’s offices, where do you think they were located? How about on the same grounds as Tesla themselves and where you can see the Space X rocket! How ultra cool is that! How much more inspiration can you get when you are actually situated so close to the innovations of Elon Musk! We were so in awe when we arrived and super excited to start our day.

unplugged performance tesla model s

As we walked into Ben’s office, we were greeted with open arms and after a short conversation, Ben decided to provide us the keys to the Tesla! How heck yes! This was the first time we had ever been inside a Tesla Model S, let alone having the opportunity to drive one (Cheers Ben!).

After our training session into our the car actually turns on, how the enormous ipad like screen on the dashboard works and how to raise and lower the suspension, we were set to take her for a drive. Well, the only place we could drive the Tesla Model S was on the main grounds as we were not insured for a full road drive. Either way, it was good enough to us as we decided to drive over to the Tesla head offices and their Supercharge station to capture some photos.

So how did Ben actually get to become such a name for all things Tesla? Well, as he was already situated on the same grounds of Tesla, some of Elon Musks employees were interested in the work Ben created. I mean, how could you miss a few custom retro Japanese cars rolling into past their offices each day right.

After a few conversations of ‘have you ever customised a Tesla’ questions, Ben decided to take part of his automotive journey and opened up Unplugged Performance. Ben’s is embracing the future and we totally on-board with him, as we to started our automotive future website called Chapter 2050. You can check it out here.

So with Ben’s expertise over the years of creating some exquisite carbon fibre parts for his Japanese car addiction, he applied this to the Model S. From the front/rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoiler. Interior wise, Ben can provide some trim details and carbon rear sections for the seats. The quality is incredible and with having talent that have Formula 1 and Boeing, you can be sure that they know there stuff.

Unplugged Performance can provide a whole range of after market parts, from performance brakes from six piston carbon ceramic performance brakes to forged wheels. After we snapped a few photos on Tesla’s Supercharge station, Ben took us for a quick drive. Ben took us to where the Hyper Loop is located and let me take over the wheel for a short quarter-mile burst. I have to say that it’s the fastest car I have done a quarter-mile on the road. Instant power and no lag! Just incredible! Only thing missing is that sweet sound of a V8.

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