If Captain America had one ride to his name, then the Hauk Designs Super Soldier Jeep would be it.

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

I think that since the end of 2016, we have seen a huge want for the superhero, with such characters as Batman, Superman and Wonder Women making their big screen appearances. And why not? We all love superheros right? Question is, are you a DC Comics or Marvel fan? Me, I like both as they bring such an amazing dynamic between each other and bring back many childhood memories. But if I had to choose a couple of my favourites, they would be Batman, Iron Man and Captain America.


And so I was super happy when I saw Kenny Hauk’s latest custom Jeep project a few weeks before its Sema Show unveiling. Why? Because not only are his projects incredibly creative and each one themed, but this one has that Captain America vibe all over it. It looks super tough, has the iconic Captain America shield and the beautiful Ileana Cardenas pulling off the Captain American suit in a far more sexier fashion.

So once again, we met Kenny and his team at the Sema Show to plan our desert photo shoot after the show was over. When we met at the show, it was such a pleasure to see just how far they have come, as all their hard work paid off as they now have their own TV Show with the Discovery Channel (Check it out here).

Our location of choice is 20 minutes drive outside of the Las Vegas strip, not too far from the Speedway. It’s an area just at the side of the road, famous for getting some action in sand dun buggies and a perfect place to capture the Super Soldier in the environment it was built for.

As there were numerous vehicles at the location, Kenny and the team took the Jeep about a half mile in so we could capture the natural surroundings of the dunes and blue sky. Leanna was ready to rock with her awesome Captain America outfit and we started capturing her in her element.

As we took more photos, with each press of the shutter, my eye captured so many different modifications on the Super Soldier, from the Hauk and Super Soldier logos to the Turbonetics turbo sticking out of the hood. Did we mention that the entire body is made of aluminium to.

Take a look inside the interior cockpit and you will capture that awesome custom dashboard with the Autometer digital gauge, a MiG fighter jet control stick was used for the steering wheel, to those tanned leather seats with custom metal star logo in their centres. In between the rear seats, sits an airtank to continue that airforce theme of the build.

As you step behind the Super Soldier, the engraved Hauk logo captures you eye until you see the incredible Captain America shield sitting on top of the fuel tank. A real cool touch to bring together what is another ground-breaking project from the house of Hauk Designs.