We walked 27 miles over four days inside and outside the Sema Show, to find some of the most unique projects.

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

Every year, you are always guaranteed to find some of the most incredible projects to ever grace the planet, at the Sema Show. Each year we make it our mission to bring forth only the best projects and so here is one that truly stood out to us.

This is a 1993 Isuzu Transporter and it has a drift prepped Toyota AE86 on the back. A project like this is exactly what the Sema Show is all about as passionate car people are not afraid to experiment with different rides.

It is the creation of a man called Miles Shinneman and it features a swapped 6.0-liter LQ4 V8 engine, the wheel base was lengthened 20-inches and has Air Lift’s 3H system with FLO air tanks to name but a few of the parts and modifications.

You can access more details on this incredible project on StanceWorks right here.