That once a year gathering of the finest customs in the world…the Sema Show is where its at.

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

Picture yourself arriving at the city of sin Las Vegas as your plane lands on the runway. You go through security, grab your bags and hitch a ride in an Uber to your strip hotel. You check yourself in, freshen up in your room and then hit a few bars with some of your crew, who have also come to witness automotive custom culture in the making.


Sitting at the bar, discussing your projects and what you’ve seen poppin up on your Instagram feed over the last year, with anticipation in capturing them with your cell phone camera. Perhaps you also have yourself a photo shoot lined up after the show, out in the desert or even on the strip! You take to the strip, where you capture the vibes of Las Vegas from the dressed up peeps touting for selfies, the epic Bellagio Fountains and then you here that sweet sound. Loud engines and exhaust notes get your twisting your neck so fast it would possibly break.

Custom cars, trucks, motorcycles are cruising the strip and taking in the light show of all the high rise hotel resorts. You take out your cell phone and capture the action. From lowriders cruising with the top down, lifted trucks with larger than life wheels to slammed stanced new rides. This is what the Sema Show week is all about.

Passionate car enthusiasts come from all corners of the world to showcase their brand and latest products and services. You see, the Sema Show is a trade only event as it’s the place to be to network and build your business. From exhibiting at one of the huge halls to attending many of the education seminars put on to assist you in marketing your business.

But, one of the main reasons of Sema’s success, is that it is the holy grail of car events to expose your latest project. Each year, you are guaranteed that at least 80% of all the custom projects on show, are brand new to that year. Yep, many of the brands at Sema, will be bringing their latest projects to showcase their products. I can also bet you that a week after this years event, a lot of people have already started their build for 2018! Sema means business and brings plenty of creativity to the table for others to be inspired in creating their own projects.

So this year for us, was one of the best we ever had, as we captured so many incredible projects which you will see over the coming months, to making some amazing connections…more news next year.

As usual, the quality of the projects on display were at their highest and here is our selection of some of the best rides that caught our attention.

Ringbrothers Javelin

Slang500 Porsches

Calblast Chevy impala lowrider

PPG stands Ford Tudor Sedan

1967 Ford Mustang Safari on the ebay Motors stand

Plymouth truck with airplane engine

Wet Sounds Buick with Speedboat

VW Mk1 Golf dragster

Mustang RTR from Sweden

We also attended the Sema Cruise on the last day of the event, where our good friend Nic and his killer slammed Chevy pickup truck (See his feature here), was taking part in the cruise. With that knowledge, we hitched a ride and captured the roll in on video.

What happens is that all the cars that leave the event, can take part in Sema Ignited and roll out in the cruise to a large parking area opposite the show grounds. When you roll in, fans of the show line up on both sides of the road and Police barrier the road leading the cars inside. Then, the car owner can choose to park with the same kind of vehicle or mix it up with others.

It is in our eyes a great way to end the show in style and give car fans who are not part of the automotive traded, the chance to get up close to some of the world’s most amazing builds. Till next year Las Vegas.