A super creative, visionary, passionate car guy, family man and a car guy not afraid to chase his dreams…ladies and gentleman we present Ralph Hoguin

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

Ever since my father gave me my first toy car, which was a Hot Wheels beach buggy complete with a bugs bunny character, I knew that I had a connection to cars deeper than most. It was then as I grew up, I would car spot everywhere I would go, to buying so many car magazines that I would use them as furniture, to then chasing my dreams of working for a car magazine.


Like Ralph Hoguin here, the talented man behind the super creative RMD Group in Long Beach California, I kept on hustling to create my own digital car magazine with my partner in crime Carmen. From having my car featured in the most power car magazine in England back in the early 2000’s, to them working for one of the largest car magazines in the world.

Just like my journey, Ralph started at an early age when he got his first taste for the automotive, as he started detailing cars when he was just 16 years old. Ralph had a vision to create a business out of a skill that he had mastered and with only $600 to his name, Ralph opened up his first mobile detailing business in 1993 at the age of 21 years. He just had enough of working jobs that just had no fulfillment, direction and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Already a family man and living in a rough neighborhood, Ralph didn’t want to depend on someone else for a job and he wanted to take control of his future. I fully understand as when I was younger, I to lived in a rough neighborhood, where most try to put you down if you have any small amount of success.

His drive for success was so great, that he became super focused on the dreams he had and the life he wanted to provide for his family. Hustling every day, detailing cars and handing out flyers in the neighborhood allowed him to change his life. On one particular day, he placed more than 100 flyers on cars with one owner calling in for her car to be detailed. That was the day that all the hard work paid off for Ralph. This lady worked for a very well known marketing agency who worked with automotive brands. As she loved the detailing work Ralph did, she asked for her car to be detailed every week. It was then that she asked Ralph for his assistance in helping her with the launch of the 1994 Honda Accord.

This then led to a business partnership, where Ralph would start to get involved in with projects and marketing campaigns. Fast forward to fifteen years, where Ralphs detailing business has evolved to a full on marketing company that works with Fortune 500 Companies, where Ralphs team provide brands with the ideas, concepts and execute everything they require for their campaigns.

It was so apparent to Carmen and myself when we met Ralph for the first time. He truly cares and values every person that comes to visit him and his team at RMD Garage. His passion just flows out of him at every interaction we had and he truly went over and beyond to allow us to spend time at the garage and photograph some of his latest projects. This is what makes him different to others and brings him success and incredible clients without the need to even advertise his services.


As we walked inside his incredible garage show room, we instantly saw his awesome TV Show RMD Garage on the Velocity channel, in the waiting area on three large TV screens. What a way to enter a garage and a reminder to Ralph of just how grateful he his to have come from humble beginnings, to now being in a position to inspire a younger generation to do good and go for their dreams. You can watch our Facebook Live garage tour presented by the man himself right here.

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