Dreaming of perfecting the art of custom, created one of the world’s most incredible Volvo’s Amazon’s.

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by JB Media

Sleepless nights, creative juices in overload and that inner drive to bring to life, that vision you see so clearly in the future. I’m talking about your dreams. These are the most powerful things that you will ever posses, with which you can create whatever it is that you want out of life, like this superb 1968 Volvo Amazon.


We first saw build photos of this retro ride around six months ago on instagram and instantly saw that its creator was doing something totally different. For one, it’s a retro car from the 60’s which is super rare to come by and two, he was customising it to the level of what the you would normally see with hot rods, such as attention to detail and finish.

The creator of this masterpiece goes by the name of Anders Franze who comes from Sweden. Two months before he bought the Amazon, Anders had dreams of building something special and not to your usual pick of rides. For him, it had to be of the rolling metal that is familiar to his home country and so the search for an old school Volvo was on.

Whilst on the hunt, he drew a picture of the vision he had dreamt about, of what the Amazon would look like in real life. It took a few months to find the right example, especially that it needed to be an Amazon wagon and that was back in August 2011.

His mission was to build the best project that he could, to show that in Sweden you can find some awesome examples and to bring this classic Volvo into the 21st Century. He did all the work himself from the design, full build and even the paint work.

Almost every part was custom built to his specifications to ensure the project would be unique. The only area that wasn’t done by him, was the interior makeover.