For those who are fortunate to have a brother, it’s time to strengthen that bond and create some SuperFly projects like Christophe and Laurent.

Words by Joshua McGowan

Photography by Tony Matthews

Many brothers don’t share a lot in common; there could be large age gap of just a big difference in personalities, sometimes they simply won’t get along. Some on the other hand are inseparable, and share many passions that are only strengthened by the fact they can enjoy it with one another. Take Christophe and Laurent, two mechanics who share an unwavering passion for building and upgrading Volkswagen Golfs.

Brotherhood: Volkswagen Golf duo

When two brothers work hard together on something they both love, the results can be quite impressive – just take a look at the work they have accomplished on a pair of Golf MK2’s. Based in Montpellier, France, the brothers love all things Golf. They upgrade and build these models of Volkswagen together, and 8 different types of Golf at home, all of which they completed on their own. As mechanics, it makes sense that the two enjoy the process of building and upgrading their favourite model of cars, looking back on their completed work is something any car enthusiast could be proud of.

It doesn’t stop there however, as the brothers also enjoy taking their cars to the tracks to see what they are capable of, which their Golf GTI being one of the more impressive VWs they have for racing. Many siblings wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the same model of car as each other, but these two are far from that mind-set.

They both drive their own golfs, that whilst the same model, are completely individual thanks to the extensive upgrading they have completed on each. Take Christophe’s grey Golf MK2. It was bought in pretty bad conditions, forcing a lot of work to be done to both the exterior and interior. Over the years many different parts where added, from the G60 engine and Aston Martin eaton M90 supercharger to the JA Audi A3 2008 7.5×17-inch wheels with 5/112 ET 56 offset and Nankang185/35/17 tyres.

That is just a taste of what they managed to do over time, and when you think how many Golf’s the two have worked on, it is clear that they have managed to turn their passion into some seriously impressive cars. The story behind older brother Laurent’s red MK2 is very different from Christophe’s yet impressive none the less. He purchased his from an elderly couple who used the car for little more than errands, it had only 90,000km on the clock and was in great condition due to them keeping extra special care of it.

This was all they back in 1996, only days before Laurent would get his driving licence, and surprisingly enough a lot of upgrades and changes have happened since. After ten years of driving, they decided it was time to change the engine, but rather than dropping a new one inside, they decided to refurbish what was already there. Installing a carburettor, a new 16 weber and polishing the chroming maximum pieces, it was then further adjusted and developed by a fellow mechanic to finish off the refurbishment of the engine.

The exterior is of course treated with extra care, featuring smoothed G60 rear and front bumpers, a Borat front grill and eyebrow, along with tinted windows and crystal style lights. The wheels are now Porsche design 90 polished 8X16-inch Et 523 with Dunlop SP 9000 195/40 tyres. Both Golf MK2’s feature a great amount of hard work and passion that have been put in by the brothers to create two of the same cars that are totally unique.

It is a testament to their hard work, skill and determination and perhaps bond as brothers. They are willing to go the extra mile in helping one another totally upgrade and rejuvenate a car model that they both love. Christophe and Laurent make a heck of a team, and it makes you wonder the next project they have planned, and how great that will turn out.


Vehicle: Laurent’s Red Golf MK2

Engine: Rebuilt original engine, 2 Weber en 40 DCOE carbs, Stainless steel exhaust Golf 2 GTI 16s gearbox.

Chassis: KW V2 coil overs, G60 brake conversion Wheels & Tires: Porsche design 90 polished 8X16-inch Et 52,3 wheels, Dunlop SP 9000 195/40 tyres.

Bodywork: G60 smoothed front bumper, G60 smoothed rear bumper, Smoothed boot lid Borat front grill and eyebrow, De-locked Crystal style lights, Black window tints.

Interior: Golf 3 VR6 seats re-trimmed in leather and alcantara, Kenwood head unit, Focal and Audison speakers


Vehicle: Christophe’s Golf MK 2

Engine: G60 engine, Aston Martin eaton M90 supercharger, iresa manifold, Custom alloy piping and silicon hoses, Golf 2 GTI 16s gearbox Uprated clutch, 1bar boost, 310cc Porsche 944T injectors.

Chassis: KW variant II coil overs, G60 brake conversion. Wheels & Tires: JA Audi A3 2008 7.5×17-inch wheels with 5/112 ET 56 offset, Nankang185/35/17 tyres

Bodywork: Audi S4 front bumper, Original rear bumper Smoothed boot lid and lock removed, Borat front grill and headlight eyebrow, Crystal style lights, Grey window tints

Interior: SABELT seats Re-trimmed rear seats to match the front, Corrado VR6 dashboard, Sparco tulipé steering wheel, Pioneer head unit, Audison amp 2x focal components, Focal 12-inch subwoofer, Carbon rear shelf panel.