Custom trucks don’t come more incredible than this epic project at this years Sema Show

Words by Tony Matthews

Photography by Tony & Carmen Matthews

When it comes to custom trucks, the Sema Show does deliver the goods. Each year you are guaranteed to see more and more custom trucks, whether lifted or slammed.

Now this incredible 1958 Chevy Viking 60 truck is one that was in my eyes, the best custom truck project at the show. The guys at Evapo Rust showed us in what condition the truck was in when the guys at Ball Metal Fabrication got hold of the truck. Rust as you can imagine was the main issue and thanks to the product that Evapo Rust have, it cleaned of the rust off the Chevy Viking a treat.

Once the rust was removed, some of the original paint remained and so the guys thought it would be a cool touch to leave what was left and cover the rest of the body in clear lacquer.

A twin turbo duramax engine was fitted, custom chassis, American Force Wheels bolted on and then slammed on a combination of ViaAir Corp airide and Air Lift performance.