One of our surprises when visiting the Fit Kustoms guys, is this stunning candy red 1957 Chevrolet Nomad. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Japan’s most talked about custom.

I love surprises, especially when you have no idea what you will except. I know that’s stating the obvisous, but when we were arranging to visit the Fit Kustoms garage, we didn’t actually have an planned cars to photograph. It was just going to be a visit for us to report on, but thanks to our friend The Kage Blog, he kept something from us until we arrived!


As soon as those huge shutters opened up at the Fit Kustoms shop, our eyes just lit up like Christmas! Just imagine standing there, slowing seeing the shutter roll up and boom! A fully customised 1957 Nomad in a sick candy red coating! Now that ladies and gents is one heck of a surprise believe me.

It’s also known as the Acid ’57 and owned by Daichi Shimizu, who wasn’t available on the day. However, he knew we would be coming and was more than happy for a photo shoot. For Daichi to have acquired this Chevy, was  by no means easy as these are super rare to find in the States, let alone in Japan.

What he wanted out of the Nomad was to build a custom one, but also keeping the original lines and styling of the car. It’s so stunning in its natural body, that it would have been sacrilege to have customised it too much. So the aim was to first start with the stance as it has the styling that warrants it being lower to the ground. So the Fit kustoms guys heavily customised the chassis, which has RideTech strongarms tubuar A-arms at the front and a strongarms parallel four link setup at the rear.

To also ensure that it sits perfectly, the rear frame has been raised by six-inches, including the engine mounts, firewall and floors. The wheel choice was also simple, Daichi wanted to keep the original steel ones, add those cool Cadillac hub caps and those super tall white walls. Thanks to some inner arch modifications, these now fit like a glove. Now what about that sweet red paint?

Well, it’s a House of Kolor Candy Red with silver flake for that added sparkly, applied by expert hands of Cal Trend who are based close by. When it comes to the interior, it’s another work of art as once again, it’s all about keeping the original look but adding some fresh details.

One look at the dashboard gauges and you see some digital Dakotas instead of the classic setup, the center console has been custom built and houses the air ride suspension controls and the seats have been trimmed to have the same old school look. Add to that some lush red carpet and it sets off the overall look perfectly.

And what about the engine I hear you say? Well how about an LS1 lump from a Corvette with a Holley carburetor conversion? What it provides is the extra power and reliability that the old engine couldn’t and as Daichi loves to cruise a lot, he definitely needs the engine to be in top form. I see the future of classics taking on a mixture of old styling with new technology and if its done right like this Nomad, I would drive this everyday!